As a part of our commitment and passion for Australia's Winning Edge program and outcomes the SASI Psychology Team is dedicated to delivering effective psychological services to coaches, teams, sporting programs, individual athletes, and SASI staff in a professional and innovative manner.

SASI Psychology promotes excellence in all our work with services focused on the development of mental skills with the aim of improving consistency and enhancing performance. We support athletes and coaches in managing the demands of the elite sport environment and creating productive training environments.

At SASI Psychology we believe that all athletes and coaches have the capacity to learn and improve psychological skills and strategies. Just like any technical skill, we believe that in order for mental skills to be used effectively in competition they must be practiced regularly and consistently in the training and performance environments. The Psychology Team is committed to supporting SASI coaches and athletes in the elite sporting environment to reach their goals and fulfil their potential.

We use a range of psychological approaches, including the Mindfulness-Acceptance-Commitment approach, specifically designed to help develop self-awareness, increase confidence in managing emotions, and enhance performance through improved concentration, motivation, and coping skills. The mindfulness approach is a part of our philosophy of building resilience.

The concept of mindfulness is linked with the idea of being "in the zone" whereby performance happens automatically with a heightened awareness of the relevant information. Mindful attention and awareness, acceptance of internal thoughts and emotions, and task-appropriate, values-driven behaviour is aimed at allowing skills to happen automatically while focused on the task at hand. With regular mindfulness practice individuals are able to effectively manage emotion and refocus after distractions. 

Approaches are individually tailored to assist the development of the athlete, coach, sporting program, and/or team. We offer support for both sport related and personal issues including;

  • Performance enhancement through improving mental skills
  • Anxiety and stress management
  • Concentration and attention
  • Mental preparation and recovery
  • Improved confidence
  • Team building and creation of elite cultures
  • Injury management
  • Career transition
  • Sport/life balance
  • Leadership and problem solving

The SASI Psych team: TBA