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The Talent Search Mission

'To identify and develop potential elite athletes who can achieve success at national and international level'

About Talent Search

Have you got the potential to be a world class athlete?

The SASI Talent Search Program aims to identify athletes aged between 12 to 26 years that have the potential to represent Australia on a national and international level. As a result, we assist in helping to increase the number of South Australians achieving success on the world stage.

We look at athletes’ physical, anthropological and physiological characteristics to identify whether they have the potential to be Australia’s next Olympic Champion. This is based on a range of tests conducted by the Talent Search team ranging from generic fitness testing, to sport specific tests across the four sports that we work with. As a result, we often identify athletes that could excel in a sport that they have never tried before.

Currently, SASI conducts Talent Search Programs in:

See current campaigns and talent search in schools to find out more about current talent testing activities.

Find out about our talent search results – the champions who have been found by the program already.

Current Talent Search Campaigns


After our successful SASI Talent Search initiative Girls Pedal2Podium at the Santos Tour Down Under in January, we are running another targeted talent search event called Paddle2Podium! We are looking for Australia’s next champion rowers, kayakers and canoe sprint athletes.

We will be talent search testing at West Lakes on Tuesday 18 April – Thursday 20 and are inviting athletes aged 12 – 20 to come and be tested to see if they have what it takes! The tests will measure strength, power and endurance capacity and will be run from 9 – 11 am each day.

Only limited spots are available for testing so register now to avoid missing out! Email ORSSASITalentSearch@sa.gov.au to register today.



School-Based Testing

The majority of our testing sources come from South Australian Secondary and Primary schools, but in this cycle we have widened our audience, testing at the University of Adelaide and University SA and hosting an Olympic Come and Try event. We also run various catch-up testing days, which are open to everyone to come and attend. These usually occur July – September of the testing cycle, so please stay tuned for these dates for 2017, which will be advertised on our website and Facebook page.

Phase 1: School Based testing

In Phase 1, all of the South Australian secondary schools, and some primary schools, are invited to participate in the Talent Search testing program. Results can be submitted to SASI by the teacher using a spreadsheet to record the data. The testing includes 20m sprint, vertical jump height, beep test, height, weight, arm span and seated height. This year, we received the results of 3466 athletes.

Phase 2a: Advanced testing

Once we have received the Phase 1 data, we choose the athletes that have performed well in one or more of the tests, for us to test again. We then go to the secondary and primary schools, and test the selected athletes ourselves, conducting the same tests as the schools conduct. In Phase 2a we also go to Universities to test, run Catch-Up testing days for the general public, and this year we ran an Olympic Come and Try event. This year we tested 1034 athletes in Phase 2a.

Phase 2b: Sport Specific Testing  

The talent search coaches then look at the data from Phase 2a and choose who they would like to invite for SASI to Sport Specific testing. We invited 487 athletes to be tested for Phase 2b testing this year, and the tests were as follows: kayak conducted strength testing in the gym, beach volleyball looked at ball skills and drills, cycling looked at strength and power from a 6s and 2min watt bike sprint and rowing conducted strength and endurance tests. This testing is run by our talent search team, the coaches and some of the SASI athletes.

Phase 3: Talent Development

Phase 3 is the crucial stage where athletes who have tested successfully are invited to join a talent search program organised by SASI and the relevant State Sporting Association. The program provides athletes with specialised coaching and sport science support to nurture the athlete and fast-track development. This year, we selected 68 athletes for kayak, 25 for cycling, 12 for rowing and 46 for beach volleyball to enter into the SASI Talent Search programs.

Catch-up Testing

We will be running a catch-up testing day on Tuesday 31 January at SASI: 27 Valetta Road, Kidman Park, SA 5025. This will be a cycling specific talent search test, and will begin at 5pm. Please email ORSSASITalentSearch@sa.gov.au to register for the testing. The testing is open to males and females aged 12 – 20.

We will be conducting 6s and 2min sprints on stationary Watt bikes to determine athletes’ peak and average power. This is an extension of our recent Girls Pedal2Podium initiative.

Talent Search - Recent Olympic Athletes

The talent search program complements existing sporting talent pathways and has successfully identified and developed many World Champion and Olympic medallists:

SASI Talent Search athletes who have represented Australia at the Olympic Games:

Rohan Dennis (Cycling)

Olympian Rio 2016

Olympic Silver Medallist, London 2012

Annette Edmondson (Cycling)

Olympian Rio 2016

Olympic Bronze Medallist, London 2012

Alex Edmondson (Cycling)

Olympic Silver Medallist, Rio 2016

Patrick Constable (Cycling)

Olympian Rio 2016

Scott McPhee (Cycling)

Paralympic Gold Medallist, (tandem pursuit) London 2012

Chris Morgan (Rowing)

Olympian Rio 2016

Olympic Bronze Medallist, London 2012

Olympia Aldersey (Rowing)

Olympian Rio 2016

Renee Chatterton (Rowing)

Olympic Finalist, London 2012

Bryn Coudraye (Rowing)

Olympian London 2012

Hannah Davis (Canoe Sprint)

Olympic Double Bronze Medallist Beijing 2008

Olympian London 2012

Becharra Palmer (Beach Volleyball)

Olympian London 2012

For further information
Susan Bassett
Talent Search Coordinator
Phone: (08) 8457 1410
Email: ORSSASITalentSearch@sa.gov.au