SASI welcomes their first Skateboarding scholarship athlete

01 Sep 2017

KAT Williams is just your every day athlete who loves a challenge - from the bumps, bruises and broken limbs of skateboarding to her full-time job as a high-rise office window cleaner.

Kat, 28 of Plympton, recently was awarded a scholarship with the South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) Individual Athlete Program to pursue her dream of representing Australia in skatebording at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

That will be the first time the sport will be included as an Olympic event - an addition Kat is excited about.

''The sport was talked about being in the Olympics about eight years ago and then it was confirmed about the time of the last Olympics,'' she said.

''Then about a month ago I was told by SASI that I had a scholarship and I was so excited,'' she said.

''I just had my first gym session which was great and the scholarship and the backing of SASI have been amazing and will be a big help with taking care of my body.''

Not that she is fussed about the knockabout nature of her sport where the surface is usually concrete but Kat has recently recovered from breaking her left arm, fracturing her wrist and nursing a few back and knee injuries.

When she has time, Kat, the number one woman skater in SA and in the top three in Australia, can be seen trying a few moves and perfecting her routine at the Oaklands Park skating facility.

While she is very much focused on her path to success she says she would love to see more women take up the sport.

''I've been trying to push the sport here but it takes a lot of time, money and energy for the girls and sometimes they can't do it all with full-time work and other things,'' she said.

Kat's next big event as a skateboarder will be in San Diego in November at an all-women event called Exposure.

''This was organised by female skaters who were just sick of women skaters not getting much exposure and sponsorship,'' she said.

''That event will have points for world rankings and should be fun.

''I will work on a few ticks (routines) because you get more points the harder your routine is. I like to feel smooth and my style is relaxed from what people tell me. ''After that there is an event in Melbourne in the last week of November called the Daughters of Doom which won't be as much pressure but it will be a chance to mix with the other girls.''

For the time being Kat will be training and working hard - abseiling up many steep office buildings in the heart of Adelaide as part of the SA Window Cleaning team.

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Kat Williams